Man in wheelchair gets crowdsurfed onto Coldplay's stage

goss 12/07/2017

Coldplay are currently on their road with their latest tour, A Head Full Of Dreams. For one Irish fan, it ended up being one of his wildest.

During the show in Dublin on Saturday, two strangers, beside a man in a wheelchair, hoisted him up so he could get a better view.

The kind act caught the eye of frontman Chris Martin, who then invited 29-year-old Rob O'Burn to come on stage, urging the crowd to help bring him forward.

"It was a great view - you could see the whole of Croke Park, just the tops of people's heads," he told CBS News.

Mr O'Burn was paralysed 12 years ago during a diving accident at a swimming pool.

But right then, 83,000 people watched as his luck changed.

Martin handed Coldplay's new bandmember a harmonica, and they made up a song on the spot.

"I just blew the harm when he stopped singing, and then he just looked down and just said, 'Yeah, just keep doing that'," Mr O'Burn said.

"It was an amazing event to be at."