Shania Twain makes dig at ex husband in new upbeat music video

goss 31/07/2017

After a 15 year hiatus, Shania Twain is back with the first music video from her upcoming album titled 'Now'.

The song, 'Life's About To Get Good', features a fleeting appearance from her ex husband Robert Lange. Their 17 year relationship came to an end after Robert had an affair with Shania's best friend at the time. Shania then went on to get remarried in 2011 to her best friend's ex husband, Frederic Thiebaud.

In the video, Shania grabs a black and white photo of her and Robert as she sings, “It was time to forget you,” and turns it upside down as Lange falls out of the shot.

Shania has said that much of her new album is about her split from Robert saying that “It’s about feeling unappreciated and knowing that you are secondary”.

“Having to live with someone that has different priorities and accepting that you’re not the most important thing in a person’s life.”

We're glad that Shania seems to have made it through the tough split and is back doing what she loves - creating great music!

Source: US Magazine