Suspicions rise over a team breaking the rules on The Block NZ

The Block NZ 19/07/2017

The teams are definitely taking sides on this week's The Block NZ: Side x Side, as the teams question if Blue Team (Julia & Ali) could be breaking Block rules.

The twins, who are from Auckland, were allegedly seen by other contestants drinking alcohol on site, and have been mysteriously leaving at night instead of sleeping in their house - actions that are against the show's rules.

The three teams staged a meeting to propose a fitting punishment for the twins, suggesting in a letter to The Block NZ's site manager Peter Wolfkamp that the Twins split their most recent $5000 winnings three ways amongst the other three houses. Along with that, they want to see an extra $1000 penalty against them.

But what will The Wolf have to say? And more importantly, what will the Twins say about the allegations?

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