These are some of the worst city slogans in New Zealand

NZ 17/08/2017

The Invercargill City Council has unveiled its new branding package, along with a new city slogan: "Dream Big".

The southern city has had a long string of slogans, none of which quite managed to stick. It started off as the "City Of Water And Light", before becoming "Where Dreams Come True". Last year it donned the one-word "Friendly" brand, which didn't sit well with councillors and subsequently fizzled out.

But it's far from the only New Zealand town to have branding dramas. Here are some of the more questionable town slogans in the country's history.


Dunedin started off as "I Am Dunedin", before switching to "It's All Right Here (which many read as "It's alright here"), before giving up on slogans and sticking to just "Dunedin", written in a medieval font.


"If you lived here, you'd be home by now."


The Timaru District Council went through a rebrand in 2016, and an online poll which suggested changing the slogan to "Timaz Hard" received overwhelming support, with more than half of the voters giving it their favour.While it wasn't chosen, "Timaz Hard" basically still stands as the unofficial motto.


"2000ft Above Worry Level"


Wairoa's slogan is "The Way NZ Used To Be" - whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is up for interpretation.


Hamilton started out confident, donning the slogan: "Where It's Happening". In the 1990s they changed that to "More Than You Expect". Now, it's just "Hamilton".


"You Matter In Matamata"

Hutt Valley

In 1995, "Right Up My Hutt Valley" became the official slogan. However, it only lasted a few years before being replaced.


Dannevirke is named after an extensive Viking age fortification line in Denmark. However the slogan "Take A Liking To A Viking" was criticised for being too raunchy.


In the 1990s the town took on the slogan "Tempt Me Tauranga". It has since been changed.


"So Nice They Named It Twice" became the slogan after an anonymous backpacker wrote the words in a hostel's visitor book in the 1980s.


The Christchurch slogan was "Fresh Every Day" before becoming the "Garden City".


This one wasn't a slogan but Mayor Nick Leggett referred to the town as "P-Town" multiple times in 2012, not realising the connotation it may have with methamphetamine.