Ed Sheeran took hours to realise how badly he broke his arms

goss 25/10/2017

After Ed Sheeran collided with a car on his bicycle, his first stop wasn't to a hospital...

The singer, who broke his wrist, elbow and a rib, appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show and explained that he didn't think he had injured himself that badly. In fact - he went to the pub before he went to the hospital!

"The thing is, when it happened, I got up and was like, 'That hurt' and then cycled to the pub. Went home, went to sleep and then woke up at five o'clock in the morning in a lot of pain. And then went to the hospital.”

He says due to the severity of his injuries, he was forced to cancel shows, a first of his career.

“I tried to say I'll carry on doing the shows, but they said if I put any more stress on it, I might not be able to play (guitar) again so it's good to be sensible.”

He says he doesn't know for sure when he'll be able to play again, but he says the doctors will reexamine his injuries within the next four weeks.