Married at First Sight NZ stars look towards next reality TV show?

goss 27/10/2017

First there was the Pretty Committee, now meet the Witty Committee.

Grooms Haydn and Luke could have their eyes set on a brand new TV series – Survivor NZ.

Posting to Facebook, Haydn jokingly shared how “The Witty Committee got together to discuss our applications for Survivor.”

The pair has seemed to form themselves their own little clique after their wives Bel and Lacey, with fellow MAFS NZ stars Vicky and Ben, dubbed themselves The Pretty Committee.

Jokes aside, in the same Facebook post, Haydn got a bit more serious as he defended the team behind the reality TV show.

It comes after Lacey walked away from her marriage to Luke this week and told Duncan Garner the TV show made her look like “the villain”.

“It was disappointing to read an article this morning from a certain contestant regarding MediaWorks treatment of her," Haydn shared.

He explained how he felt the whole cast were treated “fantastic” and “have done a phenomenal job helping me navigate the minefield that comes with reality TV.”

Meanwhile, Luke has had his own response to Lacey walking out from his marriage, by posting a cheeky video to his social media accounts about the “commitment” she had.