Pink sings her marriage struggles in new song 'Whatever You Want'

goss 06/10/2017

Pink is not shy about using her own stories of love in her music.

But in her newly released track, 'Whatever You Want', the singer, who has previously split with her husband Carey Hart twice in their 17-year history, isn't afraid to say that he's an influence and inspiration for the song.

“It just punches me in the stomach every time I hear it," she told host Dan Wootton in his Bizarre Life podcast.

“My favourite line in that song is, ‘I feel like our ship’s going down tonight but you’re the one I want to sink with’.

Relationships are not cute. But they keep you busy.

She says her secret is to laugh as much as possible, because "life is so serious".

But she'll still have moments where she'll think about her husband "I've never liked you at all... and then five minutes later, you look really good in those jeans!"

"And then two days later he’s helping me off the ledge and telling me things that only he could tell me because he’s known me that long."

“And then the next day I want to stab him with a fork. So yeah . . . "

"Being with the same person for a really long time — we’re going on 16, 17 years now and we’ve grown up together — and it’s work."

But it’s beautiful, it’s worth it, otherwise we wouldn’t do it.

The singer, who has begun to announce dates in America for her next world tour, will also have a new documentary 'On the Record: P!nk — Beautiful Trauma' released on Apple Music the same day as her 'Beautiful Trauma' album on October 13.