MAFS NZ Angel drops the "L-bomb" with husband Brett

goss 15/11/2017

Married at First Sight's Brett and Angel had their wedding and honeymoon played out in front of cameras to all of NZ. But no one has heard an 'I Love You' said by either of them yet...

Talking to More FM's Amber Russell live from the Christchurch A&P Show, Angel told her that while the couple shared a lot of their personal lives on TV, the one thing they had agreed was that the most intimate moments stay intimate and private.

"We've definitely dropped the L-bomb. It's been used a few times," Angel told Amber.

"We just had an agreement we wouldn't say it on camera at first, because we already shared so much with New Zealand."

"I don't think we needed to say it, because our body language told New Zealand, didn't it?" Angel said.