The Bachelor's Lily calls MAFS NZ's Luke dating rumours 'hilarious'

goss 03/11/2017

Eagle-eyed fans were excited to see two of Kiwi reality television's biggest names of 2017 out for drink together this week.

The Bachelor NZ runner-up Lily McManus and Married At First Sight NZ groom Luke Cedarman were spotted out having a drink together in Auckland on Wednesday.

But if that sets your heart aflutter in the hopes of a new romance, unfortunately the two are not a couple.

"I find it really hilarious...he's just a mate," McManus told Newshub.

“We just went and grabbed a beer. It was just casual and really mellow... but I can see how it looked a bit suss.”  

She says the two know each other through mutual friends and met up for the drink, before McManus headed along to a quiz night, hosted by fellow Bachelor alumn Molly Littlejohn.

Meanwhile, McManus said she had no comment on the news that Zac and Viarni have broken up.

The news McManus and Cedarman are just friends will be a disappointment to fans of both shows, who have been leaving comments on social media posts, saying they should become an item.