TV host slammed after Meghan Markle 'fame' comments

goss 06/12/2017

Wendy Williams is at it again. 

During the 'Hot Topics' segment of her TV talk show last Friday (local time), Williams took the opportunity to rant about former Suits actress Meghan Markle and her engagement to Prince Harry. 

Williams called Markle's "hustle" opportunistic.

"Confidentially speaking, I respect Meghan Markle's hustle, and I respect her game," she said. "However, she's a bit of a wild card." 

She brought up Markle's origins as a model on Deal or No Deal, saying it was proof Markle was looking for fame. 

"You know, because she goes from being the Deal Or No Deal girl - oh, yes! She opened the suitcases for, what's his name? Howie Mandel," she said. 

"So, this is a girl looking for fame, you guys, OK?"

The talk show maven also reminisced of a time when Markle visited the studio, strangely pointing out they had Markle's "DNA".  

"And remember the story, here at Wendy. She came here, to Wendy, to find out what she could do here," she said. 

"So she's been here. She's been in our buildings; We have her DNA... And then she's the actress, you know, from Suits, and she's giving it up. 

"But just keep in mind, she's an actress."

Viewers were not buying it though and turned to Twitter to express their disgust at Williams' views.