Constance Hall fights back at haters for criticising her wedding

goss 12/01/2018

Australian mummy blogger Constance Hall has thanked supporters who defended her against trolls online that said hateful things about her secret wedding.

The 34-year-old started dating her now-husband Denim Cooke last year after her first marriage broke down.

Constance shared a photo from their wedding ceremony to her Instagram, featuring the mum-of-four in a white fitted corset piece with a floaty white skirt.

The wedding was said to be such a guarded secret that guests were given strict instructions to not take photos.

But while many of her 1 million fans shared their support for Constance's new man, many attempted to attack the pair on social media, criticising her wedding photos and their relationship.

Constance, who is expecting her first child together with Denim, spoke out against her haters in a follow-up post featuring a photo of her new husband and baby bump.

"To all of the lovely Queens who have messaged me concerned about the trolls and the s*** they have said about my wedding."

"Firstly, thank you. Thank you so much for caring."

"Secondly, today I have 2 teenagers teaching 2 children how to surf, 2 toddlers splashing naked in the shore, my dog is living his best life next to me on the sand and my husband is whispering to our baby all of the things he's got to look forward to on the outside."

"Do you think I give 2 f***s that some sad people write dumb things about me on the internet?"


"I only hope they find some peace. All any of us need is some god dam peace"

The mummy blogger has spoken about her relationship with her new partner and their now-blended family, calling her relationship "the glue" that brought "this chaotic glorious mess together."

"Relationships with kids involved are bloody hard work, but the rewards are even more intense then meeting and marrying the person of your dreams.

"We are not for everyone, but definitely for each other."