Jacinda Ardern shares her plans for juggling motherhood & running the country

NZ 19/01/2018

Earlier on today Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced she was expecting her first child with partner Clarke Gayford. Speaking at a press conference outside her house, the PM outlined her plans for juggling motherhood and running the country.

"I take very seriously the role of becoming a mum… but equally take seriously the role of being Prime Minister of New Zealand." She said.

After giving birth partner Clarke Gayford will be with her "a lot".

"We're both privileged and lucky Clarke will be able to do that job full time. New Zealand will help us raise New Zealand's first child."

The couple already know the gender but have decided to keep it a secret.

"We have a wage on who's going to blow it."

Jacinda Ardern has acknowledged other women who have juggled pregnancy with work.

"I am not the first woman to multitask… I sympathise with all women who have experienced morning sickness.

"I've had a few messages of support already form women who have done things like have twins and juggle responsibility.

"There are plenty of women who carved a path… to be able to make it possible."

Ms Ardern will take six weeks off after giving birth, with deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters filling in.