Mike Myers has been secretly hosting a TV game show for 6 months

goss 10/01/2018

If you're wondering where comedian Mike Myers has been for the last six months, it turns out he has been secretly hosting a television talk show.

For almost half a year, the comedian has been sporting a disguise, posing as 72-year-old comic 'Tommy Maitland', while hosting the revived US version of The Gong Show.

The Independent reports that the game show started on US television in June 2017 and it was an open secret that Myers was behind the fake game show host. 

But ABC have only just added Myers' name to the credits - previously he was listed in the credits as 'Tommy Maitland'.

Reportedly Myers, as Maitland, is known for saying, "Who's a cheeky monkey?"

His prosthetics include reddened skin and bushy eyebrows, topped off with a grey and brown toupe.

The real identity behind the game show host was revealed by Will Arnett, guest hosting on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"I was just as surprised as the next guy, when I heard The Gong Show's host, Tommy Maitland, was a character portrayed by the insanely talented Mike Myers," said Arnett. "Despite this shocking news, I'm in total awe of the man and we are so fortunate to have him as our brilliant host."

The Gong Show has now been renewed for a second season and will return to ABC later in 2018.