Prince William shaves his head to embrace baldness

goss 19/01/2018

It’s unusual for a haircut to make headlines, but Prince William’s brand new buzzcut has got people talking!

The 35-year-old heir to the throne has had thinning hair for a number of years since his late 20s, but had typically done his best to keep it a tidy length where possible.

But in a recent outing to meet patients at a children’s hospital, his new haircut got attention from all the kids and media alike.

Prince William in his late teens. Photo credit: Getty
Prince Williams speaking on Thursday // Getty Images

According to The Sun, he enlisted the help of wife Kate Middleton’s long time hairdresser Richard Ward, who charged him £180 ($342NZD) for the buzzcut.

Prince William meets children in London // Getty Images

A close source to the royals said Will got the clippers out because of Harry’s teasing.

“The Prince got sick of being teased by Harry about going bald and this seemed like a practical solution — and one that should stop all the digs too.”