MAFS AU cheater Dean claims he had permission from Ryan to cheat

goss 01/03/2018

The newlyweds of Married at First Sight Australia were shocked and enraged in the latest episode as texts between two cheaters were exposed.

It was the first cocktail party since the group found out about Dean and Davina's infidelity and things got off to a rocky start when a handshake was dramatically rejected.

"Hey Ryan, how are ya bro?" Dean asked, holding out his hand.

"F**k off," Ryan replied.

The two continued to butt heads as they sat across the table from each other. Other grooms probed Dean on what consequences he had faced unfaithfulness.

Dean being Dean, he didn't really think he owed Ryan a special apology and even went as far as saying Davina's husband actually encouraged their extramarital affair.

"Yeah mate, it's true; I rang you and said 'would you take me miss' out for a drink'," Ryan sarcastically confirmed.

"He's lost the plot... trying to palm it off on me."

Meanwhile, Tracey felt that Davina has escaped the grilling as Dean coped the majority of the heat. She revealed to the other brides the text messages exchanged between the cheating pair.

"She was sending filthy, sexual text messages to Dean. But he was doing it back," Tracey said.

"It was hard reading those f**king texts. And it was both ways, let me tell ya."

Tracey pulled Davina aside, only to have her defend her actions again and break down in tears giving her side of the story.

The girls chat didn't end well, with Tracey eventually storming off without the apology she wanted.

"I'm gobsmacked," she exclaimed.

Davina, however, thought the chat went "really well".

"I'm just proud I stayed strong," she said.

As the night drew to an end, Ashley had the last say.

"I don't understand. Out of all the guys, why Dean? He's not even hot," she stated.

The full Married at First Sight Australia episode is viewable on Three Now.