Married at First Sight AU's Tracey gets blindsided by Dean's comment

goss 19/02/2018

While one bride thinks she's in a happy relationship, the groom is ready to walk out the door.

It was Married At First Sight Australia's first commitment ceremony where Dean said he would choose to leave his wife Tracey after one week on the show.

Not only did it leave the other brides and grooms shocked, but Tracey was quick to lash out, admitting the two had been quite "intimate" with each other.

"How can you call it so early? You're so physically affectionate with me. We were intimate this morning for crying out loud!"

Tracey herself had said how she wished to stay on the show with Dean, explaining "He makes me feel like a woman - sexy and playful - I think it's obvious with a love-heart that I'm staying."

But when Dean explained his side of the story, he said he was only trying to "be real with myself."

"I don't know if we're really right for each other and I don't want to waste anybody's time... so, right now I'm saying leave," he told Tracey and the experts.

"Wow, I did not see that coming,' Tracey told the experts, as she questioned Dean: 'I don't get it. It was all a lie?"

Dean insisted they had shared something genuine but Tracey wasn't buying it.

"Like hit it and quit it, right? That's pretty weak, I'm shocked."

"I feel like you're finding a reason not to get close. This is probably why you're still single!"

Despite Dean's decision, because Tracey decided on staying, the two will have to spend another week on the show until they can rethink their relationship at the next commitment ceremony.

Tracey wasn't the only one who struggled standing alongside her husband Jo opted to keep her relationship going with Sean till it was revealed he wished to stay.

"I had the fairytale wedding, I had all my dreams come true, all I want is my Prince Charming at the end of the day," a tearful Jo told judges.

She then looked over at Sean and told him: "You're a douchebag!"

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