Final batch of NZ made Pineapple Lumps marks end of an era

goss 23/03/2018

It's the end of an era for Dunedin's Cadbury factory.

The final production run of Pineapple Lumps rolls off the assembly line on Friday.

The plant closes for good next week after parent company Mondelez pulled the plug last year.

Phil Knight from the E tū union says it's a sad day.

"For those who are still there and have worked through several months of uncertainty and anxiety it's bringing towards the close of that and for some people up to 38 years' worth of service with Cadbury."

Mr Knight says workers are moving on, but many have had to leave the region in search of new employment.

"Those people who have found jobs, not all of them in Dunedin, so that's money that's gone out of the local community as the result of the decision made by a foreign multinational corporation," he says.

Mr Knight says many workers are finding conditions at other workplaces lacking, compared to the unionised force at Cadbury.