Terrifying video shows Kiwi driving through the middle of a tornado

NZ 10/04/2018

*This video contains some strong language*

A Kiwi man has narrowly escaped a terrible accident after driving through a tornado on Tuesday.

Rick Field was driving his 11-tonne truck through Taranaki when the disaster struck.

Wind and rain lashed his cab, bringing visibility down to only metres.

"This isn't good. I swear there's a f***ing tornado," he says.

"I'm in a ****ing tornado!"

Video shows the truck rocked by the powerful winds, as leaves are whipped through the air.

"Once I saw rain sideways I knew a tornado was around but didn't know where to hide," he told Newshub.

"I was waiting for the cab to be crushed and then when the branch landed in front of me I knew to get outa there asap!"

Afterwards, Mr Field says powerlines were on the road, and big pines snapped in two.

"110 percent scariest thing in my life (so far!) driving into and through a tornado on the road in the spreader," he says.

"Came from right where powerlines were. At one stage branches came down on left. Couldn't see where was going. WOW! And I videoed it haha."