Dai Henwood almost has an on stage accident on Dancing with The Stars NZ

Dancing with the Stars NZ 03/06/2018

"Be careful what you wish for" was all Dai Henwood said before he almost fell on the Dancing With The Stars NZ dance floor.

The TV host was dared by his co-host Sharyn Casey to take a turn at the acrobatic hoop, which was being used as part of last week's live opener.

And as they waited for the end of the commerical break, Dai attempted to hoist himself up on the hoop, only to be stuck hopping on one foot.

Calling on the audience host, Sam, he struggled to regain his footing while Sam aimlessly tried to catch him.

And as soon as he ended up on the floor, all Dai could do was laugh.

"That could not have gone any better," laughed Sharyn.