Dancing with the Stars NZ crowns its 2018 winner

Dancing with the Stars NZ 01/07/2018

From 12 celebrity dancers to one final champion: Samantha Hayes!

It wasn't up to the Dancing with the Stars NZ judges to decide who would win between the four finalists Chris Harris, Shavaughn Ruakere, Jess Quinn and Samantha Hayes. This time, it was 100% public vote that crowned this year's winner.

When Shav and Enrique were eliminated early in the episode due to the lack of public vote, it left Chris, Jess and Sam to re-perform improved versions of their favourite dances of the season.

With Chris scoring a perfect 60 out of 60, Jess scoring 57, and Sam scoring 58 - the audience still backed the Newshub host the full way.

The winner becomes the seventh NZ celebrity with a glitterball trophy. Previous winners included Norm Hewitt, Lorraine Downes, Suzanne Paul, Temepara George, Tamati Coffey and last season, More FM's own Simon Barnett.