Popular video game Fortnite could be causing kids harm

goss 26/06/2018

Online video game Fortnite is more than likely your kid's dirty little secret. But what is it and should you be worried?

Attitude presenter Christian Gallen joined The AM Show on Tuesday to explain its rise and how it could be harming children.

"Fortnite is basically the most popular game right now for most young poeple," he says.

"It's an online game. Your player gets dropped into a map with about 100 players… you run around this map exploring, building forts, and gathering weapons. You eliminate the other players until hopefully you're the last one left."

While it sounds like fun, there is a downside. Many parents are worried about how much time their children are spending online playing Fortnite and Gallen says "it does make you want to play more and more and more".

"When you're playing video games it's the funnest most stimulating thing ever," he says.

"For a lot of young people their brain's reward pathways are just hijacked and you're flooding your brain with dopamine, serotonin, making you feel so good that when you stop it's such a big comedown that for a lot of developing brains they can't cope so they have tantrums."