Adam Sandler surprises couple by photo-bombing their wedding pics

we love 02/07/2018

Adam Sandler has photobombed a wedding photo shoot wearing an old T-shirt and basketball shorts.

Kevin and Alex Goldstein we having their official wedding photos taken when they saw one of their favourite actors just across the lawn and yelled his name.

"We were taking photos. He came over and wished us well. He was just chatting to us. We told him we're huge fans. We love his work. We've watched all his films," Mr Goldstein told the BBC.

"He replied, 'Good, I'll take some photos then - mazel tov!' My wife invited him to the wedding. He couldn't make it, but she was ecstatic, absolutely over the moon. We couldn't believe it."

Mr Goldstein told the BBC Sandler was "the nicest guy" and it meant a lot that the Wedding Singer star took the time to chat with him and his bride.