Airport staff adorably document adventures of girl's lost soft toy

we love 17/07/2018

A child in the US has been reunited with her lost soft toy, but not before airport staff took it on an adventure and even made a picture book.

August 'Gussie' Bridges, 8, lost her stuffed dog Cookie Dough in Virginia's Norfolk International Airport recently, not realising until she was in the car on the way home.

Her mother Kelly said she was very upset and contacted the airport's lost and found desk.

"I thought she was going to cry," Kelly said.

"She had just got it a few weeks ago out of one of those claw machines with her dad, and she was really attached to it."

The airport did find Cookie Dough and when the Bridges family went to pick it up, Gussie was thrilled to also receive a book entitled The Adventures of Cookie Dough at the Norfolk Airport.

Cookie Dough had been made an honourary police officer and was pictured in the book in a police little uniform, riding the escalator, watching planes take off and behind the wheel of heavy machinery.

"I'm having so much fun... but I still miss you so much!" Cookie Dough says on one page of the book.

Kelly told the story with photos on Facebook, in a post that has been shared thousands of times.

"I about cried. Norfolk International Airport, you all are awesome," she says in the post.

She told a local media outlet that the efforts the airport staff went to "meant a lot" to the Bridges family.