Countdown orders recall of 'dangerous' batch of frozen vegetables

NZ 11/07/2018

Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand are recalling a batch of mixed frozen vegetables amid concerns it could contain a dangerous strain of listeria.

A Countdown spokeswoman told Stuff the supermarket had been advised there was a potential risk its Bell Farms Steam Veggies, Carrot, Corn and Broccoli bags contained the bacteria. 

The move comes after Food Standards Australia New Zealand on Monday issued an alert for the Belgium-made vegetable products. 

Pregnant women and people whose immune systems are compromised, like cancer patients and elderly people, are at a much greater risk from listeria infection, acting FSANZ CEO Peter May said in a statement.

"The products affected contain a particularly dangerous strain of listeria and are being recalled as a precautionary measure to ensure consumers are protected, but particularly vulnerable populations."

Anyone who purchased the product can return it for a full refund, the Countdown spokeswoman says. 

The product is believed to be safe to eat when cooked, but there is a health risk when eaten raw.