Mariah Carey caught lip-syncing after taking an on stage tumble

goss 09/07/2018

The moment it became clear that Mariah Carey was lip-syncing has been caught on camera.

The multi Grammy-winning singer was performing the debut show of her new Las Vegas residency 'The Butterfly Returns' at the Caesars Palace Colosseum on Thursday (local time).

Footage shows the 48-year-old belting out one of her signature tunes while her boyfriend and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka helped her to sit on a large box with wheels, which formed part of the onstage scenery.

When Tanaka then tried to roll the box with Carey seated on top of it, it tipped over, forcing the singer to briefly move the microphone away from her mouth while she righted her balance.

However Carey's voice continued to sing on without a hitch - even during the seconds when the microphone was nowhere near her lips - revealing she wasn't actually singing the song live, but rather mouthing the lyrics to a pre-recorded track.

The singer continued on with the show with no more obvious mishaps, but it was an embarrassing moment for the woman known as the 'Songbird Supreme'.

It's not Carey's first lip-syncing scandal: she walked off the stage at her New Year's Eve performance in 2016 after a series of technical glitches revealed that she hadn't been singing live.