Tom Cruise challenges James Corden to skydive from 4500 metres

goss 30/07/2018

Tom Cruise has forced TV host James Corden to jump over 4500 metres from a plane, much to his horror.

The Mission: Impossible star has been known to perform a lot of his own stunts and proved it by jumping out of the plane alone.

Meanwhile, after some convincing, Corden jumped from the plane with an expert.

Before the jump Cruise joked with him, saying, "Chances are, we're gonna make it."

Corden joked that if they were to die, he wouldn't get any attention.

"The worst part in all this is if we both die I will get zero press. I mean, I will be a footnote. The story will be 'Tom Cruise died, also that guy who occasionally drives around in a car [doing karaoke].'"

Cruise admitted at the start of the segment he did not expect Corden to go through with the stunt and was impressed by his tenacity.

The pair also fit in a tribute to Cruise's iconic film, Top Gun, with a slow-motion walk to the plane.