Meghan Markle has to return most of her birthday gifts now she's a royal

goss 10/08/2018

Meghan Markle turned 37 over the weekend, a milestone she celebrated by doing her royal duty to accompany her husband Prince Harry to his best friend's wedding.

It was the Duchess Of Sussex's first royal birthday, and will likely also be the first time she'll be forced to refuse many of her presents.

According to the Mirror, royal family guidelines state the "fundamental principle" around accepting gifts is as follows: "No gifts should be accepted which would, or might appear to, place the member of the royal family under any obligation to the donor".

That means that many of the goodies Meghan is likely to have received won't meet the criteria, especially those sent to her by fashion designers and other brands.

Any offerings from fans and admirers can be sent away if there is any concern around the motive or the person giving it.

Flowers do make the cut, as well as books, but only if they are presented by the author and don't contain any controversial subject matter. 

The Duchess will be able to keep anything given to her by 'public bodies' like charities and armed services, but only if they are UK-based.

Souvenirs from official visits are happily received by royals, but considering Meghan was attending a wedding in Surrey on her big day, a travel memento seems unlikely.

There's no need to feel too sorry for Meghan, however - past gifts from Harry are rumoured to include a Mini Cooper, a trip to Botswana and fine art.