Scammer caught out after accidentally calling NZ police

NZ 31/08/2018

New Zealand Police have shared a phone call of a scammer who accidentally rang them pretending to be someone from Spark.

"That awkward moment when you realise you've tried to phone scam NZ Police." they wrote on their Facebook page.

The officer leads the scammer on for a bit, but in the end reveals his real identity. The scammer then promptly hangs up.

The police also shared a warning and some tips for dealing with scammers.

"These scammers have absolutely nothing to do with Spark." 

"It’s really important that people are wary and know what to look out for, as this is the best way to protect themselves."

"Please remember to never give out your password, credit card or bank details."

"If you are unsure if a call is genuine, the best thing you can do is hang up."

Hopefully this incident has put the scammer off doing it for a while!