39 Reasons we love Pink to celebrate her 39th birthday!

goss 08/09/2018
Today Pink celebrates her 39th birthday in New Zealand. And to thank her for spending her birthday in our beautiful country with her 'Beautiful Trauma Tour', we've put together a list of 39 reasons why we love Pink!
  1. She’s always caring towards her fans, even if she stops the show for a minute just for them.
  2. She’s either written or co-written nearly every song she's released.
  3. She’s pulled off every new look she’s tried.
  4. She still sounds amazing singing upside down.
  5. She cares about her band.
  6. You can always count on her to tell you what she’s thinking.
  7. She sent three planes to the South Island so she could perform her full scale show in Dunedin.
  8. She’s a super caring mum to 2 adorable kids!
  9. She gave back to the local community on her night off.
  10. She sasses the paparazzi.
  11. She paid tribute to her old dog Elvis by getting a tattoo of him.
  12. She’s beautiful, even when she pulls a face like this
  13. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself when she makes a mistake
  14. She’s written hit songs for other artists like Adam Lambert, Cher, Faith Hill and Celine Dion
  15. She broke up with her husband, wrote a break up song, but got back with him in the end and still got a hit single! (So What)
  16. She has worked at Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Wendy's, and a gas station.
  17. She defies gravity!
  18. Always humble and really down to earth.
  19. She chose to perform multiple shows in arenas rather than one big stadium show, so she could still be intimate and close to her fans.
  20.  She has the perfect music to ‘Get This Party Started’
  21. She pays tribute to other artists with amazing covers.
  22.  She isn’t isn’t afraid to not wear make-up despite the harsh paparazzi.
  23.  She’s an activist for animal welfare.
  24.  She inspired with her powerful VMAs speech.
  25.  She’s hardworking and even performed when she was sick.
  26.  She wants music to inspire and change the world.
  27.  She has a strong and loving relationship with her husband Carey
  28.  She’s always real about her family life… Even when she can’t pee in peace!
  29.  Her concert has been called the must see of 2018 
  30.  She’s been around since the 90s and shows no signs of slowing down
  31.  She sings, dances and does acrobatics all at the same time!
  32.  She believes in being true to yourself.
  33.  She broke gender norms by proposing to her husband.
  34.  Performing was her dream since she was 14 and she made it happen!
  35.  She’s released over 34 singles.
  36.  She already has a greatest hits CD.
  37.  She will break the Auckland Spark Arena record for most consecutive shows (six!)

  38.  She'll be celebrating her birthday in Auckland performing to her fans!
  39.  She’s 39 and rocking it!