Kirsten Bell describes hilarious moment her daughter discovered she was famous

goss 28/09/2018

Kirsten Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are both well known to many. They like to keep their children away from teh spotlight as much as possible, and so much so that the kids have only just discovered that their parents are famous.

Speaking with Sirius XM, The Frozen star revealed her 5-year-old daughter Lincoln only just realized that he mum and dad are famous.

"Daddy do people listen to the podcast for you or for Monica?" Little Lincoln asked her dad, which he in turn responded, "Well, I think they like us both but maybe they tune in for me because more people know me because I’m famous."

His answer sent Lincoln into shock, she couldn't believe that her dad was famous.  

But it was when Dax answered her surprise reaction with “Well, I guess. Why do you think people stop me and Mommy to take pictures?”

Which she replied with 'Woah, woah.... Mum is famous?"