MAFS NZ's Monique confirms she has hooked up with another MAFS husband since the show

goss 31/10/2018

Married At First Sight NZ's Monique Lee & Gareth Noble have been confirmed to have started a little something after the commitment ceremony's and after the TV cameras stopped rolling. 

While spending a night out in Christchurch with the rest of the MAFS family, Monique admitted there she had strayed from the boundaries of friendships with one of her fellow MAFS contestants.

Gareth and I did kiss while clubbing in Christchurch,

Monique admits to Stuff. "It wasn't planned and was very unexpected. We care a lot for our MAFS family, even if we didn't show that in the best way on Saturday night.  We are all still friends."

Monique said that she broke the news to her husband on MAFS, Fraser and Gareth's wife on the show, Ottie. But it was later discovered that both Fraser and Ottie found out about the hook up from third parties rather than Monique and Gareth themselves.

"I value both Monique and Gareth as friends, as we've all gone through this life changing and challenging Married At First Sight experience together," Fraser wrote to Stuff.

"As both Mo and G know, both Ottie and I are hurt about the environment in which it happened, and how we didn't find out what happened from them first. My hope going forward is that people don't question Gareth and Monique's commitment to the experiment and us - as people do make mistakes." Fraser continued.

Ottie's reaction was much the same as Fraser's.

Monique realised that getting with Gareth, and later going home with him, was probably not the most mindful thing to do when they were out with fellow MAFS contestants.