People are confused by Bunnings' new safety rules for BBQ sausages

goss 14/11/2018

Bunnings is set to change how they tackle the iconic Kiwi sausage sizzle after new health and safety concerns.

Slippery onions are the latest concern at stores across New Zealand and Australia and the hardware giant is turning up the heat on its health and safety recommendations because of it.

Across all of Australia's 290 stores it's been recommended that on-site sausage sizzlers place the onion underneath sausages to help prevent the vegetable from falling out and creating a slipping hazard, Bunnings Chief Operating Officer Debbie Poole says.

And New Zealand stores will apply the same recommendation, a Bunnings spokesperson confirmed to Newshub.

"Regardless of how you like your onion and snag, we are confident this new serving suggestion will not impact the delicious taste or great feeling you get when supporting your local community group," Ms Poole told Newshub in a statement.

It's fair to say the response has not been positive, with many people calling the move 'crazy', 'ridiculous' and even 'stupid'.

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