Pink's husband Carey Hart hits out at 'parent police' for judging his latest picture

goss 12/12/2018

Pink and her husband Carey Hart are used to having their lives under the microscope, even though they try to keep out of the public eye. The way they raise their two children is often scrutinized.

Recently, Carey Hart shared a cute photo of him and his son Jameson, the youngest of his and Pink's two children, sitting on top of a dirt bike. The post contained a number of other photos that showed the Carey, Pink, daughter Willow, and other friends, riding bikes through a track.

But despite the pics from the awesome Hart family day out, it didn't take long for internet trolls to jump into the comment section and pick apart 1-year-old Jameson and his dad.

"Nice eye protection for the kid," one commenter said.

"Your face and body protected but his isn't... umm. Keep on with your bad self." another wrote.

To be fair, most of the negative comments were washed out by people commenting positive things on the pictures and ultimately shutting down anyone who commented anything negative.

But it was Carey who had the last word in his follow up Instagram post of the him riding the bike with his son.

"Jamo has his race face on... Don’t worry parent police, I’m a professional." he said.