Amy & Stu receive a costly punishment for breaking The Block NZ rules

The Block NZ 06/08/2018

If you're going to break the rules, there will always be a price to pay.

Gisborne couple Amy & Stu could have won room reveal for the fourth week in a role had they not been caught with a tradie onsite after the 6 pm curfew.

As Mark Richardson attempted to grill the couple about their electrician hiding in the cupboard after 6 pm, Amy & Stu still stayed adamant that they had no idea if he was working.

But when audio evidence uncovered Amy saying their electrician "hid in the cupboard" to finish his work past 6.20pm, they couldn't deny it any longer.

As a serious breach of the show's resource consent, which risked the entire worksite being shut down, a swift punishment was laid to the pair.

Not only did the couple lose their score from last week's room reveal, they also received a hefty $5000 fine.

"What I've seen is a deliberate attempt to trick your way through this process," Peter Wolfkamp said, telling them $5000 was better than being kicked out.

A $5000 fine is acceptable, it's better than going home.

Amy clearly wasn't happy about the decision at all. "So that cost us ten grand," she told Stu.

"Because we got disqualified and we pay five grand, and we would have won."

The couple can still recoup their losses in this week's room reveal for the family living rooms.

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