Rival team saves The Block NZ's Chlo from choking

The Block NZ 17/07/2018

Laughter quickly turned into a panic on The Block NZ after one contestant started choking during an impromptu dinner party.

Chlo Hes almost had a medical emergency on set when she started choking on a piece of carrot during dinner.

The Purple Team, who were dining with Blue team's Ben and Tom, got a bit too overwhelmed in their jokes and laughter when Chlo started choking.

Trying to dislodge the vegetable, she stood up mid-conversation and in the process, knocked her chair backwards in a coughing fit.

When worried Ben asks her "Are you actually choking", Chlo nods and her rival teammate jumps in to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Thankfully she is saved, and fellow diners Tom and Em joke that they can't believe she "almost died."

Ironically, Ben needed the most reassurance after Chlo's choking episode, as he was noticeably spooked by what happened.

"I don't know how you guys are so chill right now. I saw it in your eyes and I panicked!"

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