The Block NZ's Claire and Agni refuse to accept apology from "disrespectful" team

The Block NZ 25/07/2018

The toughest challenge on The Block NZ should be the room you have to renovate in a week.

But for Team Orange's Claire & Agni, their toughest challenge seems to be their own neighbours.

After their house swap conflict with Amy & Stu, followed by a dramatic exit from their dinner party, the Gisborne couple attempted to call a truce by giving Claire a birthday gift. However, the gesture wasn't well-received.

"I felt so uncomfortable... I just felt like it was fake," she said of the gesture.

"Last night, when we came to your house, you guys weren't apologetic," she told the Gisborne team. "The last thing you said to us was to stop being crybabies."

"I felt like the only reason you apologised this morning was for a bit of a show. You really disrespected our guest, and we also felt really disrespected. In the moment, I took [the birthday gift], but I just don't feel comfortable having it."

Amy & Stu defended themselves to say their apology was genuine, but Agni responded by saying "there's sorrys, and then there's fake sorrys."

The conflict seems to be drawing further lines of division between the two teams, who currently occupy houses on either end of the Hobsonville Point Block.

"We didn't want to play this game, but if they want to play ball - I'm game," Amy says.

The teams will be finishing their Kids Rooms for Room Reveal this Sunday, where Amy & Stu have already won two out of two weeks on the show.

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