Ikea announces where their first Kiwi store will open its doors

NZ 11/01/2019

The announcement last year that the Swedish company would be hitting the shores of Aotearoa was welcomed by many Kiwis.

Friday's announcement of where the first Kiwi Ikea store will open its doors was made by Ikea's global chief executive in Auckland.

There has been much speculation about where a potential big-box store could be located, but it has been revealed that the first store will be located in Auckland.

It has also been confirmed that the physical store will feature a cafe that serves their famous meatballs.

The company typically looks for area with more than 1.5 million people within a 48km radius to establish a mega store - leaving Auckland as the only viable option.

The global chief executive did stress that while the physical store will be in Auckland, they are also offering different kinds of formats of stores across the whole country. With all plans going well, they hope a second store will open in the South Island, before working their way back up the country again.

A "Bring Ikea to NZ" Facebook page received more than 19,000 likes, and has now changed its name to "Ikea is coming to NZ".