Kiwi chocolate lovers furious as Cadbury reduces block sizes to cut costs

goss 08/02/2019

Kiwi chocolate lovers were less than impressed to hear about Cadbury's latest plans with their family sized chocolate blocks.

In an effort to cut costs, the company will be reducing the size of larger blocks in order to avoid putting up their prices.

But from the reaction online, the decision to reduce the size of the blocks, without any price change, to combat rising costs and ensure they can be "an affordable treat for all Kiwis" isn't a popular one.

"On what planet is less chocolate an acceptable solution for anything," said one person.

"What a way to ruin an iconic NZ brand." added another.

Reacting to the negative publicity, Cadbury replied to several comments on Facebook assuring consumers that no ingredients were being changed and that it was no longer sustainable to absorb the increasing costs.

"Whenever we make a change to a product, we know that there will be some Cadbury fans who like it, and some who prefer the original," Cadbury said in one comment.

More recently, to the horror of many, January saw the company's beloved marshmallow Easter eggs cut in half and their wrappers removed.

Cadbury said it was impossible to change it back due to an upgrade of its equipment.