Mum slammed after buying a ‘white’ dress to wear to a friend's wedding reception

omg 15/02/2019

One pretty obvious, global, blanket rule of weddings is not to wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride, or the bride tells you to.

However, one wedding guest has decided to dismiss that rule and throw caution to the wind with her controversial outfit choice.

Taking to Mumsnet to ask whether she can get away with wearing white to her friend's evening reception, the anonymous user explained: "I've just purchased this dress for a charity event I have to attend but I am hoping it will double up for an upcoming wedding."

Featuring a textured satin skirt and chiffon top, the woman insists that the "bottom of the dress is like a taupe colour."

Having already had her pricey dress "taken in slightly", the woman added: "It will be nice to get more than one wear out of it."

People on Mumsnet automatically jumped into the comment section to tell the woman that she should not wear the dress.

Most commented that while it was a nice outfit, it was not suitable for a wedding.

Trying to justify the dress' bridal design, the woman pushed and said that when she wears it, she will pair it "with black shoes and a black bag" when she attends the evening reception.

However, the woman also confessed that she's "probably going to be at the evening do for two hours max" and it "seems like a waste of money having to buy yet another dress that will only be worn for a few hours."

She added: "I don't think the bride will mind but I'm more concerned about other guests' opinions."

One replied: "If it was anyone colour it would be fine. But white to somebody else's wedding a NO."

Another added: "Absolutely not. It's lovely, but not for a wedding. Just don't be that person."

Recommending the woman "save it for another occasion", a third admitted: "It's a gorgeous dress but being honest, I'd take issue with someone wearing that colour to my wedding."

Meanwhile, another user said: "If you ask the bride, you're putting he in a very difficult situation, especially if she knows you've already bought it.

"I think it's too close to cream/ivory to wear to a wedding and I'd have been annoyed if you wore it to mine."