The budget behind each of the MAFS AU weddings revealed

goss 07/02/2019

Married At First Sight Australia is back for 2019 on THREE.

The show is just four episodes in and already the drama is fast unfolding. But while watching the recent weddings, one thought that crossed many viewers minds was just how much budget and leeway the bride and groom had when it came to planning their 'dream' wedding to a stranger.

The Hit Network did some digging and asked the team behind the show if the brides and grooms who experience these lavish weddings actually get any say in them at all.

They revealed that there are actually no set budgets when it comes to each individual wedding. The bride and groom are given the opportunity to discuss the big day (albeit not together).

The woman get to shop and get fitted for their dream wedding dress, and likewise for the groom. 

However, the team at MAFS AU did say that just because the couple might want a specific kind of flower, it doesn't guarantee that they will get it.