McDonald's announces trial of vegan McNuggets

omg 22/03/2019

Adding to the ever-growing list of vegan treats launching this year, McDonald's is currently trialling a meat-free McNugget.

The vegan morsels are reportedly made with a mashed potato base, mixed with chickpeas, onions, carrots, and corn, before being coated in breadcrumbs and fried. There's no chicken, obviously.

However, Kiwis excited about vegan McNuggets will be disappointed, as they'll have to catch a flight to try them. They're currently only being trialled in Norway, and a McDonald's New Zealand spokesperson told Newshub "there are no plans at this stage to introduce this item to the menu in New Zealand".

It's not the only vegetarian option for the European country. According to Delish, the McDonald's menu in Norway also includes a 'Vegetarian McFeast', made with a veggie and bean-based patty.

Many Kiwis will be hoping the trial is successful and vegan McNuggets wing their way over here, as veganism increasingly gains popularity. We rank third in the world for numbers of vegans per capita and the popularity of vegan-related searches online last year was 11 percent higher than 2017.

billboard erected by vegan activists on Wellington's Cuba St last month called for people to trial a vegan diet with the slogan; "If you think it's wrong to hurt animals, you already believe in being vegan" - and a picture of a factory-farmed pig.