Pink shares how online trolls made her think about how she's raising her kids

goss 29/04/2019

Pop sensation Pink has opened up about her experiences with social media in an interview with Kiwi radio host Zane Lowe, revealing the lessons both good and bad have prompted her to reconsider how much the online world matters.

She says being confronted by reactions across Twitter and Instagram forced her to analyse that despite the good, much of it can't be taken too seriously.

"Social media can be used for good or evil and I think you just have to be really honest with your kids about the evils and having thick skin and not taking anonymous people to heart." she said.

The 39-year-old said the interactions she can have on virtual platforms can be hugely meaningful to her but some have made her realise the world has many unkind people in it.

"I think my kids are gonna grow up with a very open and honest dialogue about how screwed-up people are, and how wonderful people can be," she said.

"Also how you react to social media is kind of how you walk through the world, right? You want your kids to have the confidence to pick and choose what they pay attention to.

"It's about saying, how much does this matter to me? How much do these people matter to me? How much is this going to change my life? I'm going to use this for this, this works for me, and I'm gonna leave the rest alone.

"I feel like kids live that way more than we ever did."

Pink's new album Hurts 2B Human is out now.