Realistic Netflix scam has been conning people out of money

goss 01/04/2019

If you're a frequent Netflix user then you might want to watch out for this realistic looking scam which has been doing the rounds.

The scam is being sent to people's e-mail addresses with the caption 'Invoice Failed – Account Blocked'. The email then prompts users to update their credit card details - but in short, don't!

The e-mail is a total scam and they'll use your updated credit card details to con you out of cash. 

This is what the e-mail looks like...

The Mailguard website has given some tips for how to spot a scam email when they enter your inbox.

  • They don't address recipients directly (e.g. “Dear customer”)
  • Often had bad grammar or misuse of punctuation and poor-quality or distorted graphics
  • An instruction to click a link to perform an action (hover over them to see where you’re really being directed)
  • Obscure sending addresses (for example, Hotmail, gmail, Yahoo addresses should set alarms bells ringing)

Hopefully these tips help you and your friends and family to avoid getting scammed!