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Which Married At First Sight Australia contestants stayed together?

Which Married At First Sight Australia contestants stayed together?

Who made it through the drama-filled experiment? Find out here.
11 April 2019 3:46PM

Married At First Sight Australia is all done for 2019.

This past season has proved to be full of drama, tension, partner swapping, cheating, tears, good times and... did we already say drama!?

With everything that went on throughout the Married At First Sight Australia experiment, it can be hard to keep track of exactly what couples stayed together this season.

So we have broken it down below.


After sharing so much of themselves on the show, including revealing all on Matthew's virginity status, they were the first couple from Married At First Sight Australia to call it quits. It came after Matt brutally announced that he wasn't attracted to Lauren. 

STATUS: Not together.


Mike & Heidi shared a very tumultuous marriage during their time on Married At First Sight Australia, and despite saying yes to each other at the commitment ceremony, and pretty convincingly saying the L word to each other, the couple arrived solo to the reunion dinner party. They admitted that after three weeks of trying to make it work after the show, they had split.

STATUS: Not together.


Ines fast became public enemy #1 after she kept her relationship with 'husband' Bronson for way too long while she was also having an affair with a different MAFS groom - Sam. The shockingly matched pair shared some heated words during their time on the series and it is pretty obvious to say that these two did not continue as a married couple.

STATUS: 150% not together.


After Sam body-shamed Liz, went MIA for a while and then had an explosive split after Sam's wandering eye for Ines - it is fair to say that these two were doomed from the very start and as a result are not together.

STATUS: Definitely not together.


Sam & Ines were involved in the first of the cheating scandals that plagued Married At First Australia. They disgusted people across Australia and New Zealand with their behaviour and their brief affair didn't even work out for them.

STATUS: Not together.


Nic & Cyrell were a couple that a lot of people were rooting for, despite the regular spats, but unfortunately the couple decided that they would end on reasonably good terms and remain just friends.



Despite their issues, there was always a glimmer of hope for Ning & Mark but when the final commitment ceremony happened, Ning was dealt a low blow after confessing to Mark that she wanted to stay together and try to make it work. 

But it seems that since the dust settled, Ning and Mark have stayed on each other's radars and are proving a couple to watch...

STATUS: The door's not closed on their love.


By far the standout, heroic couple of Married At First Sight Australia 2019, these two emerged from the train wreck where it seemed everyone else perished and are actually getting married in real life. 

These two confirm that even though MAFS can be full of partner swapping and cheating scandals, true love can emerge.

STATUS: Getting married for real!


Susie was only on the show for a hot minute before she made Billy cry. Their relationship collapsed not long after they appeared on the show.

STATUS: Not together.


Michael & Martha commited to each other at the commitment ceremony, quite the feat considering how their fellow peers did. Michael stood by Martha despite the drama she stirred and they seem to still be together.

STATUS: Still together.


The pair were the third couple to bow out of Married At First Sight Australia, and it didn't come as a surprise to many. The pair struggled to find that spark and ultimately admitted defeat and left the show.

STATUS: Not together.


Tamara and Mick were another majorly cursed couple of the experiment after Dan's eye wandered right toward MAFS bride Jess.

STATUS: Very much not together.


It was pretty clear from the start that these two were very much going to struggle to make it work. But the real curve ball was the explosive affair Jess pursued with Tamara's husband Dan. Eventually, Jess left Mick and Dan and Jess continued the experiment as a new couple. 

STATUS: Not together.


While Jess & Dan seemed like they were going to be together forever once they decided to stay on as a couple after leaving their intial partners, it seems that everyone witness the destruction of their relationship on live televison after they got in a rather heated argument on Talking Married.

People have speculated that the couple are over, but no one knows officially.

STATUS: Unsure.