David Seymour is set to return to Dancing with the Stars NZ

goss 30/05/2019

Dancing With The Stars is giving the people what they want - the return of twerk legend David Seymour for trio week.

In previous years, trio week was performed by the contestants and two professional dancers. 

In a new tactic, this year's trio week will be performed by former contestants - and everyone is waiting to see Seymour bust a move.

He'll be teaming up with William Waiirua, and his partner Amelia McGregor. When Seymour competed last year, he also danced with McGregor.

In 2018, Seymour made it all the way to the semi-final of the competition, finishing fifth overall. 

The nation remembers his iconic twerk during salsa week - but even his booty shaking couldn't save him from elimination in the end.

He came in at the bottom of the scoreboard every week, but the New Zealand public just couldn't get enough and kept voting to keep him in.

Finally, he landed in the bottom two, which allowed the judges to out him based on dancing ability alone.

Other celebrity dancers set to return this Sunday include Chris Harris, Ben Barrington, Miriama Smith, Barbara Kendall and Shane Cameron.