Ed Sheeran confirms he is teaming up with Bruno Mars for new song

goss 29/05/2019

Ed Sheeran has announced that he will be blessing our ears with a brand new album very soon. 

While we don't know too much about the album, we have already heard two singles from it and we have learned that every single song on the album is a collaboration with another well known artist.

Of the two singles we have heard, we know that he has teamed up with controversial pop star Justin Bieber and well-respected rapper Chance The Rapper, and now Ed has confirmed that he will be joining forces with Bruno Mars for another song which is already sounding likely to be a hit!

Speaking with US radio show host Charlamalgne Tha God, Sheeran discussed his love for collaborating, and what to expect from the project.  

"With this record, I kind of want to put it out, and then run from it. I don't see it as the next stage of my career, it's just something I made and I want to put out,"

For me, this is a compilation album of artists that I'm a fan of.

"This project actually started with one idea I had. You remember 'Lady Marmalade?'" Ed Sheeran asked the radio host, referencing the iconic Christina Aguilera song that fetured big names like P!nk, Beyonce and more.

"I had an idea of doing that," he shared. 

"I was like, "Oh, you can get Bruno, Bieber, and me on a record. How fun would that be?' The first person I rung was Bruno. He was just like, 'Let's just do a song. Just us.'"