Gordon Ramsay's Sunday roast gets mocked by fans for his 'pathetic gravy'

goss 02/05/2019

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay knows a thing or two about food... But his latest Twitter post has got people fired up, with many of them critiquing him for a change!

Ramsay posted a video of a Sunday roast he was eating, but what was meant to be a simple video - turned into an online debate...

While many people took issue with the level to which the steak was cooked, most people made remarks about the gravy which was used.

"Why spoil it by pouring flat cola on it?" one person jabbed.

"Absolutely disgusting, might as well just boil the kettle and pour that over the top instead."

Many others used inappropriate words to describe the gravy.

But some did stick up for the chef, with one fan writing "Gordon Ramsay is hands down the best chef in the world."

While the gravy might not be to everyone's taste, if Gordon is happy with it, it must be good!