Marie Kondo has written a kids book to help your messy children learn to clean

goss 29/05/2019

Marie Kondo transformed our homes with her amazing declutterng techniques and now she is going to try and tackle teaching our kids to love to clean.

It seems like a large, daunting task, but after inspiring adults around the globe, she has decided to try and get into the younger market too. And many parents are grateful.

Marie Kondo has quietly slipped her KonMari decluttering method into a children's book about a messy squirrel and an owl who loves to pick up rubbish.

“Two best friends, Kiki, a collector, and Jax, a sorter, always enjoy spending time together and having fun but when Kiki’s things start to get in the way, they must decide whether they can make room for what always ‘sparks joy’ for them: their friendship," the Hollywood Reporter said when describing the story.

"Collector" and "sorter" sound like nice ways to describe hoarders and obsessive minimalists so it's good for children to decide early on which category they fit into.

Kondo wrote on social media that the tale was a " timeless story about friendship, and I hope that the characters of Kiki and Jax will inspire children and families to tidy and embrace joy".