People are confused at the name Amy Schumer gave her newborn baby

goss 10/05/2019

The last few days the news has been swarmed with baby news thanks to the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie. 

But the Duchess of Sussex wasn't the only famous woman to give birth that day - comedian and actress Amy Schumer also gave birth to a baby boy.

And while fans of Amy have been giving the new mum messages of congrats, they have also been raising their eyebrows after she revealed her sons name.

Gene Attell Fischer.

If that name doesn't give you a reaction, then maybe say it out loud to yourself.

At first, people wondered if Gene's middle name was a nod to Schumer's comedian friend Dave Attell.

But soon after, fans queried whether they were being pranked or if Schumer simply hadn't said the name out loud. Gene Attell Fischer, after all, could sound somewhat like... genital fissure.