Lion King fans furious with Pumba's "terrifying" look in new live action film

goss 04/06/2019

Parents around the world are reportedly furious with Disney and how "terrifying" they made Pumba look.

Disney's portrayal of the loveable character is apparently too scary for kids, and parents are kicking up a stink about it.

The highly-anticipated film is due to hit cinemas on July 19, and the voices behind the film's main characters have been sharing snippets of the movie on their social media.

While the characters of Simba, Nala and Timon all look like cute, realistic versions of themselves, Pumba, who is fondly remembered as a funny and friendly cartoon character in the 1994 film, has been labelled the "stuff of nightmares".

Some have slammed the realistic look as too scary for kids, seemingly ignoring the fact Disney has tried to make him look just like a real life warthog – which isn’t the cutest animal to look at.

One person tweeted; "Parents, the best Christmas gift this year will be the Pumbaa action figure from the new live action The Lion King! Nightmares INCLUDED."

Another woman said, "Are we just going to ignore how terrifying Pumbaa is?" 

While someone else agreed, joking Pumbaa was scarier than villain Scar: "Imagine Seth Rogan's voice coming out of this creature. Might make me support Scar."

Another user wasn't a fan; "Just wondering why Pumbaa looks like he's ready to kill me".